Slide Integrated Alpha seeks to combine the strengths of both quantitative and active investing. Our QuantActive process builds concentrated portfolios of US equities with accelerating revenues and earnings to seek long-term capital growth along with downside risk reduction. Investment Stategies

Investment Strategies

Integrated Alpha has four individual equity strategies available to investors.

Large Cap Focused

This strategy seeks long-term growth of capital with downside risk reduction by investing in large capitalization US companies with accelerating revenues and earnings. The manager’s proprietary QuantActive process seeks to combine technology-based, quantitative analysis with active, qualitative management to enhance stock selection and manage risk.

All Cap Focused

This strategy aims to outperform broad equity market indices across market cycles with less risk and has the flexibility to seek opportunities across styles. The strategy utilizes the manager’s proprietary QuantActive investment approach, combining quantitative analysis with active management to enhance stock selection and manage risk.

Long/Short Equity

This strategy is designed for investors who seek reduced downside risk, portfolio diversification, and attractive risk-adjusted returns. The manager utilizes the QuantActive process to build an all cap portfolio of US companies with accelerating revenues and earnings, while taking short positions in large cap stocks to enhance returns or mitigate risk.

Insights and News

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  • Investment Insights
    The first half of the year was a marked change from recent market and economic behavior. Inflation, led by rising energy and food prices, emerged as the dominant economic force — drowning out even Covid and the Ukraine as a news leader. Green shoots of cooling inflation have emerged, however, and modest improvements in the
  • Is technology the new value investment?
    Listen as Francisco J. Bido, Lead Portfolio Manager at F/m Integrated Alpha, addresses the question, “Is Technology the New Value Investment?”  Francisco reviews the current tech sector environment, tech evaluations, the position that many techsecurities are in this year and how he is positioning his strategies accordingly.
  • Active Risk Management in Shaky Markets
    Transcript FRANCISCO BIDO: Hello, this is Francisco Bido, lead portfolio manager for the Integrated Alpha strategies. As you are surely aware, there’s war in The Ukraine. You might be asking if there have been any significant changes in the portfolio and the answer is no, it’s just a resounding no, and the reason for that