Slide Integrated Alpha seeks to combine the strengths of both quantitative and active investing. Our QuantActive process builds concentrated portfolios of US equities with accelerating revenues and earnings to seek long-term capital growth along with downside risk reduction. Investment Stategies

Investment Strategies

Integrated Alpha has four individual equity strategies available to investors.

Large Cap Focused

This strategy seeks long-term growth of capital with downside risk reduction by investing in large capitalization US companies with accelerating revenues and earnings. The manager’s proprietary QuantActive process seeks to combine technology-based, quantitative analysis with active, qualitative management to enhance stock selection and manage risk.

All Cap Focused

This strategy aims to outperform broad equity market indices across market cycles with less risk and has the flexibility to seek opportunities across styles. The strategy utilizes the manager’s proprietary QuantActive investment approach, combining quantitative analysis with active management to enhance stock selection and manage risk.

Long/Short Equity

This strategy is designed for investors who seek reduced downside risk, portfolio diversification, and attractive risk-adjusted returns. The manager utilizes the QuantActive process to build an all cap portfolio of US companies with accelerating revenues and earnings, while taking short positions in large cap stocks to enhance returns or mitigate risk.

Insights and News

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  • F/m Investments Integrated Alpha Quarterly Insights 3rd Quarter 2021
    Economic Context The recovery is still in play but has lost some of its momentum due to three primary issues: The COVID pandemic is controlled but not yet a thing of the past. Fiscal uncertainty in Washington – e.g., infrastructure bill, green initiatives, etc. Our dependence on an embattled global supply chain. Furthermore, “Now Hiring”
  • Semiconductors ‘under appreciated’, good long-term investment: expert
    Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman and Brian Sozzi break down today’s market action and outlook with Francisco Bido, F/M Integrated Alpha Investments Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager.

  • Finding Mutual Funds That Beat The Market
    Credit: Forbes Click here to view the article on Forbes How do you make an actively managed mutual fund do well, especially in these crazy times? For 2020, 60% of actively managed stock funds underperformed the S&P 500. The situation was worse with active bond funds, where 90% failed to clear their benchmark. If it’s an equity